Garage Conversions

Policy EM1 - Extensions and Alterations Policy

Policy EM2 – Erection of New Buildings

The conversion of existing garages can have an accumulative impact on the style, character and appearance of both the individual home and street. In principle, garages should be retained in order to maintain the character and appearance of the original Garden City. It is however recognised that the retention of a garage may not be achievable due to either unusable internal measurements not accommodating modern vehicles (below 3m x 6m) or pressures from growing family homes.

Justification will be required as part of the application to demonstrate the requirement of development and that offset of parking will not impact on the driveway to the property or street scene. Applications for both hardstanding extensions and garden conversions will be seen as negative development drawing further impact to the street and wider landscape.

When assessing design proposals it is important that as much of the existing character and style is retained and enhanced. This should conform to the following criteria:

  • New windows and ventilation to the converted garage should comply with the guidance provided under windows.
  • Any new windows should be flush within the garage and not project forward of the front elevation.
  • Any new brickwork should match the existing brickwork.
  • Any new windows should respect the size and style to any other ground floor windows.
  • Providing links to detached garages will be supported should it demonstrate that the existing style and character would not be diminished.
  • If the height of the roof of the garage needs to increase as a result of Building Regulations then this should not exceed that required by Building Regulations and be kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Any additional parapet should be kept to a minimum height.
  • New roof lights and lanterns should not be visible from a public vantage point.
  • Proposals must ensure that there they do not cause loss of day/sun/sky light or be unduly dominant from adjoining properties as a result of their overall scale and size.

Page updated: 29/04/2019

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