External Wall Insulation

Policy EM1 - Extensions and Alterations Policy

External insulation cladding systems can have a negative impact on the character and identity of a Garden City home. These systems affect and often mask the existing original architectural details of a property while affecting the character and cohesion with neighbouring housing groups, terraces and streets.

The depth and specification of many systems draw the external face of buildings out creating deeper window and door reveals. This affects the character and defuses the cohesion with housing groups, terraces and streets impacting and causing harm to the values and amenities of the property and that part of the Garden City.

External cladding systems will generally not be supported.  However, if they can demonstrate that the detailing and features of the original property can be maintained or recreated, they may be acceptable – if individual circumstances indicate otherwise.

The house must be detached to accommodate such systems; should a pair of semi-detached or terrace homes be simultaneously implement the works, this can aid in reducing the wider street impact.

Page updated: 8/04/2019

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