History of the Estate Management Scheme

Most of the homes that were built in those early years were owned by Welwyn Garden City Limited and subject to ‘covenants’ that restricted the changes that tenants could make to their properties without first securing consent from that company. These covenants and rights were passed to the Welwyn Garden City Development Corporation in 1948, to the Commission for New Towns in 1966 and to Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council in 1974.

The Estate Management Scheme was created in 1973, in response to the Leasehold Reform Act 1967, which enabled tenants of houses held on long leases to acquire the freehold of their property. This would have meant that owners who acquired their freehold would have been able to make changes that could alter the original layout and design of their home without any consent. As a result, a Management Scheme was created for freehold properties to maintain high standards of appearance and amenity and regulate redevelopment in their area, and in order to protect the character of the Garden City.

Since the launch of the Estate Management Scheme, various land transfers have resulted in the majority of leasehold and council owned housing stock being captured by the scheme.  The Estate Management Scheme applies to most homes in Sherrards and Handside wards, as well as parts of Haldens, Peartree, Hollybush and Howlands. 

Page updated: 25/03/2022

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