Wind Turbines

Policy EM2 – Erection of New Buildings

Policy EM5 - Energy Efficiency and Other Roof Alterations

The character and definition of many of the Garden City streets and neighbourhoods are accented by the varying roof profiles and original chimneys designed to complement the Garden City home and street scene. Typically features that extend above and beyond the varying ridges can have detrimental impacts on the Garden City.

In principle of wind turbines are generally not suited to dense populated environments.

Given the requirement of promoting sustainable methods of offsetting climate change it is proposed that applications will be considered that demonstrate:

  • Suitable location
  • Proof of wind speeds
  • Acceptable acoustic impacts
  • No undue impact on neighbouring properties (noise, shadowing etc)
  • Will have little or no impact of surrounding streets and buildings

Page updated: 8/04/2019

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