Satellite Dishes and Aerials

Policy EM1 - Extensions and Alterations Policy

Despite the size and requirement of satellite dishes and aerials, these features can have a large and cumulative impact on the character and front facades of Garden City homes.

Consent is required for all satellite dishes to a property.

The council has decided that it does not wish to ask householders to apply for consent for a Standard TV aerial or the removal of a satellite dish.

The following should be considered when applying for consent:

  • Discreet locations should be considered, with a general preference for the rear of the property, unless signal cannot be received (written proof from the provider is required).
  • Dish sizes should not be excessive and be kept to a minimum.
  • One dish per property
  • Redundant satellite dishes should be removed.
  • Dish and aerial locations should be positioned below the skyline where possible.

The application should include sufficient information of the proposed location of the aerial and confirmation from a suitably qualified engineer that signal can only be obtained using an external aerial or dish. 

Page updated: 29/04/2019

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