Policy EM1 - Extensions and Alterations Policy

Balconies are not a common architectural feature across Welwyn Garden City. Generally the original Garden City homes were not of the size or proportion of accommodating such features, although there are a few examples of properties that do include balconies as part of the original architectural features.

New or additional balconies would only be considered acceptable where the property currently has an existing balcony which is to be replaced, or where there are other positive design precedents within its direct context and the design and style of the property can accommodate such a feature. Any application for balconies should demonstrate that both the character and quality of the existing building or setting and street scene would not be compromised or damaged by the balcony feature.

Juliette balconies (or false balconies) should be assessed to the same criteria as standard balconies.  A more relaxed approach however can be taken to the rear of properties where the balcony would not be unduly visible from a public vantage point.

Consent would be required for the demolition/removal of an existing balcony.  It is unlikely that this would be seen favourably if it forms part of the original architectural detailing of the property.  Justification would be required for its removal, demonstrating reasoning around its removal, details on why it cannot be replaced and information that the feature was not part of the original property (if believed). 

Proposals for balconies should address the following:

  • The proposed balcony must relate to the scale and design of the original Garden City dwelling
  • Architectural detailing of nearby balconies should be referenced in the design of the proposed balcony.
  • Proposals must ensure that there they do not cause loss of day/sun/sky light or be unduly dominant from adjoining properties as a result of their overall scale and size.
  • Proposals must respect the amenity of neighbouring properties in regards to overlooking.
  • If deemed appropriate, balconies should be kept to the rear of the property unless adjacent to neighbouring properties with front facing balconies.
  • Replacement balconies should be like for like with the original character, materials, scale and colour, which would be expected to be white. Should proposals replace the balcony on an exact like for like basis no application would be require.

Page updated: 8/04/2019

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