Sheds and Detached Outbuildings

Policy EM2 – Erection of New Buildings

To help ensure that sheds and detached outbuildings do not dominate gardens and are suitably located, it is important that the following principles should be followed when applying for consent. These principles are aimed to help retain the open character of many rear gardens and neighbourhoods.

  • Sheds and detached outbuildings should be located in rear gardens only.
  • Where located to the side of a rear garden, they should not be unduly visible from a public vantage point
  • The overall finish and appearance of the building should not detract from the character and quality of the existing garden and property. Materials should be sympathetic to the locality and ideally timber or glass, painted or stained in a neutral colour.
  • One or more sheds or outbuildings may be acceptable subject to there not being a proliferation of detached buildings/sheds in the rear garden.
  • The scale and size must be commensurate with the size of the garden and should not be excessively large and respect the proximity of boundaries
  • Heights should be kept to a minimum.
  • All applications should demonstrate how any likely impact on neighbouring properties is minimised including loss of day/sun/sky light and privacy.
  • Proposed structures, including roofs or gutters, should not overhang property boundaries. Should works extend beyond the property’s boundary, a separate EMS application will be required to be submitted from the owner of the neighbouring property. Applications can only be submitted for the land owned by the applicant.

Page updated: 29/04/2019

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