Proposed Fee Schedule

The Council's proposed level of application fees have been outlined below.

In considering the appropriate level at which to recommend application fees, officers have had regard to both the estimated costs of an Estate Management team, the type of applications that the Council receives and the charges set for similar schemes elsewhere in the country.

The proposed fees are part of the consultation process and we would appreciate any feedback on both the fee value and application grading.

Replacement - Like for Like
The replacement of an existing feature on a genuinely like-for-like basis that will not alter its location, scale, appearance, design, materials, colour, etc
Free Application required, to check that the proposal is genuinely like-for-life
Small Projects*
A proposed feature not currently present on the hosting property or land - Small Scale/Impact
£50 Minor Works EMS Application
Medium Projects**
A proposed feature not currently present on the hosting property or land - Large Scale/Impact
£100 Major Works EMS Application
Major Projects
Extension to a property including a front, rear and side extension
£30/m2 - Limited to £500 / 17m2 Extension EMS Application
Tree or Hedgerow Works
Application for the  removal or works to a existing tree 4m / 15 feet tall or greater. Hedgerow removal works to all features to the front of a property. 
Free Tree and Hedgerow EMS Application
Small Projects* Medium Projects**
Chimney Plot Splits
Flue New Porch
Guttering  Proposed Garage
Hopper Heads Garage Conversion
External Pipe Works Loft Conversion
Alterations to external walls Proposed New Dormer Windows
Hardstanding Proposed New Roof Lights
Sheds Proposed New Windows
Fencing Proposed New External Door
Boundary treatments Proposed Wall Insulation
Vehicle Gates Replacement of Roof
Satellite Dish Proposed New Balcony
Aerials Proposed / replacement Wind Turbine
Rainwater Harvesting Proposed New Conservatory
Soffits and Bargeboards Swimming Pool
Security and Ornamental Lighting Basement
Large Climbing Frames Demolition
Electric Charging Points House of Multiple Occupation Application
External Boilers Photovoltaic Cells and Solar Hot Water Panels
Air Source Heat Pumps Subdivision of Dwelling
CCTV Back Garden Development
Burgular Alarms   

It is considered that multiples of different projects from different categories should be added together as they are likely to have different amenity impacts, so that a two storey extension of 10 sqm (£300), plus a new dormer window (£100), plus a new hardstanding (£100), plus a replacement fence (£50) would be a total of £550. In this case there would be no maximum.

Fees will be the same for retrospective application as they are for normal applications.  At present the Council charges £242 for retrospective applications but this is partly because there is currently no fee for normal applications.  A retrospective fee could be a deterrent to stop people progressing works without consent but it might also create conflict in seeking to resolve any breaches.  The Council considers that it is preferable to focus on achieving good quality projects.

It is suggested that fees should be reviewed at the end of the first year of operation of the new arrangements, to ensure they are sufficient to fund the Estate Management team.

Please note that the fees would be in addition to any planning application fees that may be required for the proposed projects.

Page updated: 3/07/2019

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